Staque - Platform for dealing with body odor.

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Body odor is often considered as unpleasant. What is sweat? Why are we sweating? What makes sweat smell? What can I do about it? Body odor can be a problem with far-reaching consequences, not only for those who spread a sweat air but also for the immediate environment, the person who often experiences this odor as repulsive. This fact tries to map at several websites in several languages so that everyone who has to deal with it has a good starting point to open the conversation and sometimes restore hurt mutual respect.

Unpleasant body odor can have quite a few consequences for someone's social and professional life; Rejection, rejection, isolation, frustration, shame and depression are very common consequences. All these negative consequences are not a good starting point for a healthy and happy life. One can change this situation by recognizing and acknowledging body odor and by being open to each other. It is not uncommon for someone to be unaware of the fact that it is the body odor that closes him or her outside the group, ensures that he/she has difficulties making friends, does not get involved in a relational or is regularly rejected at applications.

The strange, or rather normal, point is that you often do not smell yourself. You can try to consciously deal with your own odors by recognizing them at the moment you take off your clothes, for example. Sweat pulls into your clothes, bedding and other absorbent utensils. In fact, you are unconsciously humming your environment with your body fluid all day, we all do this and this is quite normal. But there is a danger that you are not aware of the odors that this can produce and that these odors can be perceived as less pleasant by others.

The platform promotes comments on each other's odors, moving it away from the taboo sphere. A comment can be made with tact or in a very unpleasant way, but ultimately it allows each other to be able to adapt to your environment. As long as nothing is said, nothing will change and the social problems will often go from bad to worse.

When body odor in your direct surroundings seems to be a problem, inform yourself well about the causes, consequences and possible solutions in a practical and social sense before you draw a conclusion and act. Usually it is a lifestyle that you can influence, but sometimes excess sweat or sweat with a different composition has a medical cause. For example, inform yourself on the platform and open the conversation.